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Valentine Day freaks excited over rescheduling of Presidential Election

Some Valentine Day freaks have expressed joy over the rescheduling of the general elections, saying that with the recent development, they would now be able to celebrate Lovers’ day on Feb. 14. St Valentine’s Day, also known as Lovers’ Day, is celebrated on Feb. 14 in many countries of the world with the exchange of a variety of gift items including cards, candy and flowers. 
Besides gifts, many celebrants use the occasion to wine and dine at various eateries and hotels. If the Presidential Election had held on Feb. 14 as previously scheduled, the 2015 Valentine’s Day would have been devoid of the usual outdoor razzmatazz that accompanies the day.
Mrs Rosemary Obiaku, a civil servant, told  newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday that this is the first she would celebrating with her husband. “During our courtship, my husband was the one buying the gifts and sponsoring the outings.
“The postponement of the election is a welcome development; so, I will use the occasion to surprise my husband because he believes I am a stingy person. “I will go to the market to buy some things for my husband but I will hide them until the evening of that day, then I will take him out,’’ Obiaku said.

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