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Teen Dies After 6-Story Fall From Bronx Rooftop: Police

A 17-year-old New York youth died Saturday of injuries he sustained nearly two days earlier when he fell off the roof of a six-story building while running from police.

Kuta and another boy, 14, had been running from police after officers confronted them and several other people while responding to a call of kids smoking marijuana in an apartment building lobby.
The two teen boys ran up a staircase and two officers followed them to the roof of the building, police said.

Police were heard shouting at Kuta to just relax. But while on the roof, the boys tried to jump 10 feet to another rooftop and lost their footing. 
One of the officers was able to grab the 14-year-old before he fell.
But Kuta wasn’t able to hold on long enough to be rescued and fell six stories to the alley below.
“I just heard yelling and screaming,” a resident who knows Kuta said. “I’m sad because he’s just a kid. Kids sometimes do stupid things.”

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