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Sylvia Ukaatu turns preacher after Muna Obiekwe’s death.

Sylvia Ukaatu

Sultry actress, Sylvia Ukaatu, is one of many really moved by the death of Muna Obiekwe. But instead of swimming in her own tears Sylvia has reached out to her colleagues to check their lifestyles, hitting on cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking in particular.
“I want to seize this opportunity to reach out to my colleagues and loved ones, to please quit high consumption of alcoholic drinks and smoking of cigarettes, it kills. You might call it fun but I bet you there is no life in it, it gradually weakens your kidney and liver. Please save a soul by saying ‘No’ to nicotine” she wrote in a Blackberry broadcast to her fans.
The last time Sylvia featured in Potpourri, it was a different ball game. Then, the now sober Sylvia was telling the world how she could take on any kind of role, including making love on set.
“ As an actress being versatile is my key.  Because as an actress you are supposed to carry out every role given to you as though your life depended on it. Though no real sex on set for me but if it is make-believe like it usually is, I can handle it. Going nude must have a purpose it intends to achieve. If I am directed to act nude as a mad woman for an instance, I am okay with that. But just going nude for amoral reasons don’t go well with me,” she stated boldly.

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