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Series: Society Killed The Angel (The Old Me)


Back in the day I didn’t know

That the life wasn’t just for show

Some embrace it as their life

And some won’t marry a wife

This is this and that’s that

And the life won’t care if you’re fat

O r thin, black or white

Some say it’s not right

But when you that’s what you feel you deserve deep inside

And you realize that you have nowhere else to hide

Then you embrace a life of danger

Getting that attention from a stranger

But I didn’t know

Just how far I would go

No cares in the world

‘Cause my cries could not be heard

Chains and leather restraining me

Oh what a plight for me

Back then I didn’t know what to do

But to accept the life I knew

How wrong was I to call that a life

Knowing how back then it was my knife

It was my slow suicide

Since I had no one in whom I could confide

Back then I was like a slave

But now I know that’s no way to behave

Forgive me…please! 

Romina Sikpi

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