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Series: Na only for NDU | Episode 1


*Na only for NDU you go see University wen GATE without FENCE.

*Na only for NDU dem de do DINNER NITE without FOOD.

*Na only for NDU dem de give models home theater as price when  d town no get LIGHT nd hostel no de allow electronics.

*Na only for NDU sick bay dem de admit u den put u on drip wen u get HEADACHE.

*Na only for NDU environment (amassoma) you go rent SELF CONTAIN without TOILET.

*Na only for NDU shows u go see PATORAKING, KISS DANIEL, ERIGGA, TEKNO, nd AKPORORO for banner bt d main show artistes wen u go see na NATHAN, SLIM KELZ, GEETEE, MC MONICA nd MC POPE LEXIS.

*Na only for NDU girls hostel you go see big PEAK MILK CONTAINER but wen u open am na GARRI de inside, den BOURNVITA CONTAINER na GROUNDNUT de inside.

*Na only for NDU environment (amassoma) NEPA LIGHT de work with school calander, dem go bring d light wen school de on holiday den take am wen school resume.

*Na only for NDU girls go wear over size shirt call am BOYFRIEND TOP den wear over size trousers call am HIGH WAIST.

*Na only for NDU students de carry GARDEN EGG drink GARRI, carry MAGGI drink GARRI, carry FANTA drink GARRI, even carry GARRI drink GARRI.


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