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Sammie Okposo Apologizes To Buhari

Gospel singer Sammie Okposo threw major shots at General Buhari rtd yesterday , saying his result was 100% fake.

The singer has now done what is right by apologizing to the APC presidential candidate after figuring he was wrong.

He wrote on Instagram

i reposted an uncomplementary and unconfirmed report about gmb which said he should be flogged for being involved in perjury and forgery i deeply apologise to gmb. He is old enough to be my father and my repost was very disrespectful, secondly for joining in an unconfirmed rumour about him that i personally can not proove again i apologise…i did not generate the report but i should not have reposted it for this im deeply sorry. my support for gej does not give me the right to judge and speak ill of gmb and any other candidate my business is only to peacefully exercise my support and vote for the
candidate of my choice its an election not a war to all who were offended as a result of my
repost i apologise. lets pray for our country nigeria that god will help us have a violent free election.

God bless nigeria peace will reign in nigeria
He has deleted his old post now

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