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POEMS: Never Underestimate Any Teenager

Jaja was born a slave, but he died a king
Never look down on anyone, even if it’s just a kid
I have so many dreams even though I’m just a teen I’m gifted in so many ways but no one sees a thing I’ve always wanted to be a god and nota king Then I realized no one needs another God apart from the King of kings You will not find if you do not seek Matthew 7:7 is the book, you can also read Let me go back to the point and give you the tips you need If you don’t have a vision, sorry, you cannot lead
No matter what you plan to achieve, courage is all you need To take the first step to accomplish your dreams If your parents ask if you want to get a A or D Stand firm and politely tell them what you want to be Do not let an exam grade determine you
Because your future do not lie I the hands of teachers in a school Let me briefly tell you what you have to do You can live your life pleasing others like a fool Or you can maximize your potentials to the full For the later, I can give you a very good starter Define your goals, surround yourself with people smarter And cut yourself away from friends who make your life harder Think your passion into something you can manufacture Or you can choose not to and regret it later in the future Let’s take for instance, America’s Mr. Belnick Sean Who makes his money by selling furniture
When he started as a teenager, he thought it was fun
Not knowing it would later pay him off in the present future Let me tell you something about me, it’s like an introduction I do not care about attending special functions or occasions Or having a lot of people giving me a standing ovation Or dining with kings and queens of various nations All these things come after hard work, it’s not a superstition I don’t know about you, but all I want in life is satisfaction

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