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Poem: YOU ARE THE SONG I Sing (@Poet Vicky)


Your Love made me sing for u,Love is Love When you loved me. Love Oh Love Dat has brought u to me praise be it.
When Love came into my life I thought of u. When Love called me Love I sing of u.
Feeling is feeling When I felt that Love(u)itself is in Love with me. Your Love had made me stood high.
When Love took me by the hand I thought of u. Love smiled at me the day he showed u to me…
He(Love) took my hand and said to me…
welcome to Where u belong, in the arms you desire to be, and I felt Like a queen in the paradise of a wise king…
that has ruled my heart as d mighty ruler he is. My beauty sparkles more than that of the morning stars and that of mother nature because he has showered on me Love of Royalty.

Composer @poet Vicky.

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