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PHOTOS: Meet Woman Who Married Her Two Pet Cats

Have you ever felt so lonely you wanted to marry your cats? Well, Barbarella Buchner from London, UK, was so tired of waiting for her Prince Charming she decided to tie the know with her two male pet cats.
Barbarella Buchner broke up with her partner of seven years and thought that she would never find love again. But one day she realised her soul-mates had been standing in front for her the whole time – her two cats.
The certificate of marriage between Barbarella and her two cats
Without fear of condemnation the brave woman married Spider and Lugosi and even has their initials tattooed on her right leg as a symbol of eternal love. It’s difficult to believe but the happy trio celebrated their 10-year anniversary in January.
Speaking about her unusual family, she says, “My two cats are my soul mates. They’re the loves of my life. Before when I had a human relationship, he’d come home and we’d argue over something or he’d want to chat when I don’t want to chat. It was love at first sight when I laid my eyes on my two boys, Lugosi and Spider.
Brbarella with her cat Spider
A tattoo displaying the initials of two cats
I’ll never forget that day. They were rubbing themselves against the mesh and purring. It was all over – I knew I wanted those cats! After my human boyfriend had left, Spider and Lugosi were still there for me, helping me get through the separation anxieties and feelings of sadness.
Some people may call me a bigamist for marrying two cats or even call our marriage incest because they’re brothers. Obviously I don’t have sex with my cats. It’s just pure, spiritual unconditional love on both sides, as simple as that.
Lugosi and Spider are twins and are married to their owner
Barbarella with her cat Lugosi
I have loved and lived with a couple of partners before but I realised that my love for my fur babies is so much deeper than anything I have felt for a human. Lugosi and Spider are different – I’m definitely happily married to them. I’m not alone, I have my cats now. I have no regrets and I don’t care what people say.”

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