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Peter Okoye Condemns Lawmakers!

Peter Okoye has weighed into the recent crisis rocking the House of Representatives.
This morning the House of Representatives complex in Abuja was besieged with lots of security operatives who denied the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal and lots of other lawmakers access into the complex.
The lawmakers who were not ready to go back home, chose to scale the locked gate in a very embarrassing manner. [Click Here If You Missed It]
Photos of their grand disorderliness has gone viral on social networks with different people reacting and criticising the shameful acts happenings at the national assembly.
Peter Okoye took to Instagram to give his thought on the situation, calling the acts of the lawmakers, shameful. “Shame! Shame! And shame again!! Pls when law makers are breaking the law…. What do they expect we the citizens to do.., to help them fix it? Haba!!!
This is a Habatetically disgrace!!!! Lmao…Jumping fence like secondary school boys,” he wrote on Instagram.
“Law breakers … Pls not law makers,” he added along with the photo of the House of reps members scaling the locked gate.”

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