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Nollywood: What Muna Obiekwe would be remembered for.

Since the sad news of his demise broke last Sunday, fans and colleagues of star actor, Muna Obiekwe, have continued to grieve over his loss, especially when they remember the actor’s daring roles in movies – those that will survive for a very long time. Muna, who has a knack for acting romantic scenes in movies was the quintessential character actor, and as such, a representative of a proudly, if sadly disappearing breed.

late Muna Obiekwe

Until his death, the fair-skinned actor’s career suffered serious setback following the eye-sore roles he played in movies. Till date, people are still talking about the role he played in that soft-porn movie, “Dirty Secret”starring himself, Tonto Dikeh, Jibola Dabo, Geraldine Ejiogu, Ejine Okerefor, among other acts.
In the movie, Tonto Dikeh acted the role of a spoilt child, who sleeps with her father and her boyfriend. Her father, played by Jibola Dabo, was a gynandrous, who also sleeps with his daughter’s boyfriend played by Muna Obiekwe. When the movie was released, fans tongue-lashed the three major acts who played their roles like a smut movie.
As if that was not enough, Muna also featured in another sex movie, “Men in Love” where he played a gay role with Jibola Dabo. Their roles in that movie which was produced by Kingsley Okereke and directed by Moses Ebere, forced people to raise eyebrows over the personalities of Muna and Dabo.
It shocked a lot of fans to behold these two actors playing ‘smooching themselves’ in the movie where they allegedly had sex uncountable times, baring their butts with G-string panties they wore to the full glare of viewers, leaving the rest of the parts better imagined.
The film was harshly criticized after it was released. Many people alleged that it was popularizing the ideas of homosexuality in Nigeria. Yet, Muna was not discouraged. As noted by critics, until now, Muna’s acting career suffered a major setback and he needed a role that would not only fetch him good money but would also keep him in the news and make him relevant again on the scene, hence his controversial gay role in the sex movie.”
The actor,who had fallen on bad times basically because he was no longer getting major roles and also the fact that he was based in Enugu, relocated to Lagos, and reportedly acquired a house after his role in the movie. His enlarging profile, however, made him to become the most sought-after actor by producers who want to make sex movies. Though his role in “Men in Love” was not as daring as the one he played in “Dirty Secret.”
Notwithstanding the roles he played in the two movies which almost turned his fans against him, Muna’s work, both on and off the screen, touched millions and influenced countless people. He also played brilliant roles in other movies. He starred in such movies as “Songs of Sorrow”, “Wasted Effort”, “My Best Friend”, “The Phobia”, “Scarlet Woman”, “Not Man Enough”, “He Lives In Me”, “Golden Jewels’, “Destiny Call” among others.
A prolfic character actor, and compassionate human, Muna would be remembered most for his legacy, and the joy he brought to many homes in Africa. His range of roles proved him to be one of the most versatile actors in Nollywood, one that few could match.
According to veteran filmmaker, Zeb Ejiro, Muna would be remembered as a character actor. “He was one of the best actors in Nollywood. I have not worked with him, but most of his movies which I have seen are excellent. I respect character actors a lot and he was one of them.” For Nobert Ajaegbu, Muna would be remembered as one of the most respectful actors in Nollywood. “Everybody in Nollywood is going to miss him.”
Decribing the actor as “a very brilliant actor that took his job very seriously, actress Thelma Omone O’khaz said the departed actor would be remembered apart from being friendly and jovial, but also as one actor that wasn’t stereotyped and that’s one thing I really loved about him. Also, he would be remembered for ‘his fine diction and interpretation of scripts.’
“He was a quiet person. Hardly have I heard that he had a problem with anybody. I have worked with me in the past, and what I discovered about him is that he was a shy person, but he tried to cover up his shyness,” said actor Ofiafuluagu Mbaka.

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