Nollywood Is Too Poor – Sikirat Sindodo

Famous performer, Tayo Odueke, also called Sikirat Sindodo, has said despite the photos of houses, autos and other material belongings displayed by motion picture stars via web-based networking media, there is poor compensation in Nollywood.

“The compensation in the business is poor and it isn’t empowering in any way. It is the energy one has that has kept one in the business for this long. You possibly profit when you create your very own films. Usually, that shouldn’t be so. There is a ton of potential in the business and we just need the correct help to exceed expectations.”

I don’t have any second thoughts being in the business. Much the same as in each other everyday issue, there are good and bad times. I simply express gratitude toward God that I’m still here on the grounds that numerous individuals I began together with are no longer near. Be that as it may, saying this doesn’t imply that there are no difficulties.

I trust that there is no one that doesn’t get discouraged however everything relies upon how you oversee it. There will dependably be ups and down. You may fall a few times yet always remember to get back up.”

– Tayo Odueke