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I want a man like my dad – World Miss University Nigeria

My name is Mary Omobhude. I am a beauty queen, World Miss University Nigeria. I am from a family of five children-three girls and two boys- and the lastborn.
Beauty pageant
I contested in the 2012 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant and it was an amazing experience because I became MBGN Miss Photogenic. Then I contested for World Miss University in 2013 and I won it. The international pageant will be held in South Korea.
I became a model at 17. I registered with a modelling agency in 2009 and began getting jobs almost immediately-billboard and magazines advertisements. After walking the catwalk a few times, I decided to go into pageants.
Modelling is a passion. The passion has to be available for you to be successful. You can’t be a model because you know people who model or you feel you are beautiful and you want to go into it. That would not work and modelling is not an all-comers affair.
I don’t think every beautiful girl believes she can model because you cannot just wake up one day and decide to be one.
Models are promiscuous? I have never heard of such statements and I have not faced any major challenge in modelling. It has not been a bed of roses either but I have been moving strong and I thank God for that.
I would not say I am totally living my dream; I am 22 and there is more to come.
I am working on a project called Little Angels for the less privileged children in the society and also I am running a non profit organisation which will empower young girls in Edo State where I hail from. I hope it will expand to Nigeria as a whole very soon. In the next five years, I hope to have excelled in many frontiers.
Fashion fetish
I am crazy about shoes, clothes and handbags. Whenever I look at my closet ,it still feels as though I have nothing in there. Even though I keep buying new fashion items it never seems enough. I think I can spend my last money on clothes.
Selling point
I’m blessed with a pretty face and good height. People are always in awe of my height — I am over 6ft. However I am not just a pretty face; I am quite intelligent.
I remain Mary Omobhude
I am still me and I am not different from who I used to be before I participated in beauty pageant. I want to remain myself even as a queen.
I love travelling and listening to music. I also like visiting new places and learning how various people live their lives and the different cultures.
Favourite meals
I don’t have a favourite dish. What I eat depends on my mood at that moment and what I feel like eating. It can be pounded yam or rice.
Dream man
I do not like to talk about my personal life. My idea of a dream man is someone like my dad; who loves and respects his wife. He must also be God-fearing.

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