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Capenter Stabbed To Death By Hoodlums Over N200 Debt In Lagos

                       Our source Punch learnt that the problem that took the life of A 27-year-old Michael Abodurin state after Michael’s friend could not pay back the N200 he borrowed from his landlady from last year.
Mrs. Idowu Adenekan the owner of a house in Oworonsoki areaof Lagos got the capenter stabbed to death by hoodlums.
                  It was gathered that after it dawned on the landlady,
                   Adenekan that the debtor would not pay the debt, she allegedly unleashed her thugs on the carpenter and his friend. In the process, Adenekan was killed.
A bottle was smashed on Adenekan’s head after which he was stabbed with a pair of scissors in the chest. He died before he could get medical help. 
                    According to the residents, the incident happened on Saturday around 11pm. A resident, who pleaded anonymity, said:

I had just returned from work that day when I met them arguing over N200. I was told that Abodurin’s friend had owed the landlady the MONEY since last year and he had not visited the house since then. 

But he came on a visit that Saturday and when the landlady saw him, she demanded her MONEY, which the man said he did not have. She insisted on collecting the MONEY from him despite interventions from the people around. 

When everybody saw that she would not let the matter rest, Abodurin offered to pay the money, but she refused. Her aged father also gave her the money, but she refused. At least three people offered to pay the money, but she insisted that the debtor must pay her.”

Another resident, Chigozie Odinaka, said as the argument continued, some hoodlums invited by Adenekan started to make trouble with the unidentified friend.

Odinaka, who described the landlady as a troublesome woman whom they all feared in the neighbourhood, said in the ensuing scuffle, Abodurin was hit on the head with a bottle.

“As the fight degenerated, Adenekan was struck with a bottle in the head. As he was going to report at the police station, one of the hoodlums went after him and stabbed him in the chest with a scissors, which led to his death,” he added.

The matter was said to have been reported at the Oworonsoki Police Division.

The landlady and a suspect, who stabbed the deceased, were taken into custody as some aggrieved friends of the deceased threatened to burn down the house.

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