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Boko haram Will Vanish in Two Weeks- Jonathan

In a meeting with his fellow elits in the political cacus it’s was disclosed that the president was no longer cool with the way the insurgents are making wave in the northern part of Nigeria.
So, in his words he made this declarations :
“ You have observed us for the past four years. Yes, we have security challenges relating to the Boko Haram saga mainly in the North-east although their excesses extend to some parts of the North like Abuja, Sokoto, Gombe and Kano. But it is mainly in the North-east. We are working hard and we shall surely bring it to a halt.
As far as the military is concerned, even as we are talking, we are expecting more platforms this week and next week.
I believe that in the next two weeks or so, we will be able to move faster than we are moving.
We have intervened in so many areas; agriculture that touches the life of an ordinary Nigerian is one of the areas that we have been working very hard.
We are trying to move agriculture to the next level; a level that young graduates will be able to embrace” Jonathan said.

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