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7 Advantages of Morning Sex

Sexologists all over the world in one voice advise to have morning sex. As research shows, such a pleasant intimate process not only increases mood, but also has a strong positive impact on the health of men and women. In addition, many men will agree that morning sex is much more enjoyable and fun than a morning exercise. If you are fine with a second half, of course.


So take a look at the list of 7 steep advantages of sex in the morning from sexy girls:


  1. Good morning sex is much more pleasant than evening sex. After a long night’s rest, the body is more sensitive to touch, therefore, caresses during sex will be much more pleasant. Morning sex helps even pacify those girls who, after awakening, resemble a sociopath who escaped from an insane asylum and carries a plan of a bloody murder.
  2. You can skip the gym. Sex in the morning before going to the shower is a great way to avoid going to the gym. Scientists say that for an hour of active sex, so much fat is burned, as well as for 30 minutes of running – 240 kcal. As we have already said, morning sex is better than any exercise. And no one will dare to call you lazy. On the contrary, you will be an alpha male who satisfied his lady and increased his self-esteem.
  3. Clean the upper respiratory tract. Strong qualitative breathing improves the passage of air. The amazing property of morning sex is prevention of acute respiratory infections for the whole day. Especially such a breath is useful for men over 40.
  4. Morning sex is very intimate. If you make love immediately after you open your eyes, it will be a very intimate process. Most people who have been married for a long time do not even suspect that our feelings are the most acute just in the morning – when we have no clothes, stress received during the day, no toothpaste, thoughts about work, and the girls are naturally beautiful. Fill this moment with the person you love. Benefits of morning sex are not only about physical side, but about spiritual too.
  5. Rise your self-esteem. Polls show that most people dislike their work. Having sex before going to work will give a positive tone for the whole day. It will be easier to bear the boss’s reproaches and the irritating chatter of colleagues. The project, which used to scare you with its scale and complexity, will turn into an interesting challenge that you can handle with.
  6. Motivation to take care of yourself. Knowing that there will be sex in the morning, take care of all the water procedures in the evening. And then, waking up in the morning, you can stay in the warm bed with your beloved and gentle sex waiting for both of you.
  7. Morning sex invigorates better than coffee. Morning sex raises the mood, invigorates – this is the best option for the beginning of a new day. Remember that the morning rise of testosterone in men is from 7 to 9 am. For a woman, the ideal time is from 8 to 10 am. So, the “golden hour” of morning sex is from 8 to 9 am.


Sex in the Morning: Facts


  • Scientists have proved that morning sex promotes career growth
  • Morning sex increases mood and prevents it from disappearing throughout the day
  • Morning sex triggers recovery processes in the body and rejuvenates the skin
  • According to researches of scientists, the best time for sex is the morning is Friday, Saturday and Sunday


In Conclusion


If on your way to morning sex is just laziness, it’s time to claim it a war. No coffee, even roasted by the Greek women with tanned boobs, will not replace you with what gives the sexual act in the morning hours.

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