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Olagist.co is “a Pioneering Nigerian Music Blog” with a huge fan base locally and of course internationally.

Ola Gistco commands a fair share of Nigeria’s “Video & Music Downloading” traffic which is largely from youths across ages of 16 – 27.

Just like our Website, Olagistco should be your goto Portal if you’re an online advertiser. Be certain that your product or song will definitely get an enormous exposure at Olagist.co.

Ola Gistco also enjoys a stunning daily views from Naija’s youths all over Africa. You can exploit this advantage.

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You can find all popular Naija music or entertainment videos & MP4s here. You can also stream or download them easily on this page. Again if you are a Naija music or entertainment videos geek, don’t hesitate to keep tabs on this page and thank me later.

Olagist.co Entertainment

As you’re already aware; Olagist.co is one of Nigerian’s “leading entertainment Blog”. So don’t be told about trending gist.

The motive of Olagist.co is to get you informed with every gist that is trending on social media. So if you like ofofo, then don’t hesitate to bookmark this page and thank me later.


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