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Woah, we are finally seeing the season finale of the TV Series of all time, and we are super excited about all of these. Watching our favorite characters die even from season 1 has been very emotional and we are at the final episode wondering who is going to make it after all. Grab your popcorns and let’s get right into it.

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The episode starts with Tyrion Lannister leading the way, closely followed by Jon Snow, Ser Davos and some northern soldiers. They go through the streets of Kings Landing and see corpses of people who have been killed. Women, children, men and even their skeletons just lay there. It wasn’t a pretty sight at all as they also saw very few survivors wallowing in pain, some even had burns on them.

Tyrion breaks with the crowd and tells Jon that he would catch up with the rest of them later even though it might not be safe for him. Tyrion looked like he was going to find Cersei and Jaime Lannister, hoping they made it out on time.

Jon and Ser Davos come across Grey Worm and some of the unsullied army as they are about to kill the remaining Lannister soldiers. We all know that Jon has always been a merciful person, and he tries to stop Grey Worm who tells him that he would follow only his queen’s orders and her orders were to kill anyone who supports Cersei. Ser Davos tells Jon that they should go and talk to Dany instead as Grey Worm slaughters the soldiers.

Tyrion makes it into the castle, takes a torch and goes to the escape route which he gave to Jaime. The entrance is blocked, as we saw in the previous episode, but there is a tiny entrance and his body structure might just have been an advantage at this point in time.

He goes in, and realizes that everything is a wreck but spots Jaime’s metallic hand. Ohh shit, that would mean? Tyrion leans further, removing the bricks one by one as he sees his only siblings’ dead. Of course, they died under that heap of stones and Tyrion was heartbroken, he really did love them.

He cried, ohhh my Tyrion Lannister the imp, is the last surviving Lannister. Who would have thought that Tyrion was going to outlive them all? Well, definitely not me.

Now, we see a full army in their numbers. The Dothraki army and the unsullied assembled celebrating the victory of their queen, Daenerys Targaryen. She passes over them on her last surviving dragon, Drogon as she comes before her army and speaks to them. She thanks them for standing by her and reminds that the battle is not over yet. Wait, what? She talks to them in their language talking about how they need to take control over all the seven kingdoms. That leaves Jon and Tyrion in shock, because we all know that Winterfell is a part of these kingdoms.

Tyrion goes to meet Dany with obvious distaste in his eyes as she tells him that he committed treason by releasing his brother. Tyrion doesn’t deny it, he tells her that he released his brother, but she burnt down a city of innocent people as he removed the hand of the queen sign she gave to him and threw it down the stairs.

Tyrion wasn’t one for bullshit, and he looked like he was really having none of it. Dany looked really power hungry and it looks like the idea of ruling the seven kingdoms was really consuming her, heck, she was starting to look like the Cersei she felt she liberated the world from.

She asked her guards to seize Tyrion as Jon just stared at her like he didn’t know who she was. She stared back at him and just walked away. Arya was lurking around somewhere staring as all of these were going on.

As Dany takes her leave, Arya comes up to meet Jon as he is surprised at how she got here. She tells him that she came to kill Cersei, but his queen beat her to it. Jon reminds her that Dany is everyone’s queen now. Arya tells him that Dany knows who he truly is, so he is not safe there because he remains a threat to her.

Jon goes in to see Tyrion Lannister, who is now a prisoner of the queen. Tyrion asks if he brought any wine and he said he didn’t. He thanks Jon for coming to see him, also stating that the queen doesn’t exactly keep prisoners for long.

Tyrion acknowledges to Jon Snow that Lord Varys was right and he was wrong, he tells Jon that he believed so much in Dany up until today when she burned down thousands of innocent women and children. Jon tries to defend her actions, talking about the things she had lost and how it made her react the way she did.

Tyrion asks if he would have done it, after all, he has been on a dragon before, and we all know the answer to that. There was no way Jon would have done all that. Tyrion tells him using proverbs and idioms that he is very aware of the fact that Jon loves her, but she has lost control and is not ready to stop fighting anything soon.

Tyrion also reminds him that after he is executed, she would come for someone else next and it would be Jon because he is a real threat to her throne whether he likes it or not. Jon looks pretty determined in not betraying Dany as he walks out on Tyrion, telling him that she is their queen. Tyrion reminds him that after that she is going to come for his sisters too, knowing fully well that they are not willing to bend the knee.

He tells him that Sansa told him the truth because she didn’t trust Dany, but they would have to bend the knee and accept her as their queen, they don’t have a choice, but he does.

Jon leaves the room. Dany finally makes it to the Iron throne and sees what she has dreamt of all her life, it’s a really emotional moment for her because this was the first time she would be seeing the Iron Throne after all the stories her brothers have told her about it. Jon is on his way to meet Dany as Drogon stops him on his tracks, but let him pass due to the connection they had.

Dany sees Jon and tries to tell him about the stories she had heard about the Iron Throne as he cuts her short on her words, telling her that they were still killing Lannister soldiers on the streets on her orders. He tells her to go out and see the number of women, children and innocent people that were killed.

Dany promises Jon that all of this is to make the world a better place, she tells him to please build this world with her and let them do this together. Jon tells her “you are my queen, now and always”, they kiss each other deeply as he stabs her, she chokes and bleeds from her mouth and nose. Jon cries and lays her down on the floor gently as Drogon appears behind him. Jon is scared to his pants as Drogon pushes his mother lightly and she didn’t move.

Ohh my, this was a very emotional scene, he had lost his mother and he was really hurt. We all could have sworn that the dragon was going to burn Jon Snow to his bones, but surprisingly Drogon cried out and took it out on the Iron Throne as he melted the throne with fire to the very last. He picked up his mother with his claws and flew her away.

Wow, who would have thought that Jon would have the nerve to kill Dany, it was all for the greater good but we would surely miss our queen, the great Danenerys Targaryen, the Stormborn, the Khaleesi, the breaker of chains and the mother of dragons. Jon watched as the dragon flew away leaving the castle without a throne anymore.

Tyrion is still kept a prisoner as Grey Worm and the unsullied bring him out to face a panel of the important people in Westeros. Grey Worm makes it clear that Jon is their prisoner, and they wouldn’t release him because of them, the city is theirs now and he is their prisoner.

Tyrion mentions that it is not the army’s decision to make as they should answer to a chosen king. After a lot of deliberation, Tyrion suggests that Brandon Stark becomes the ruler of the seven kingdoms as he has a great story himself. He tells them that from now on, rulers would not be born but they would be chosen in this particular location.

Bran wouldn’t be able to father a child and this might be a blessing in disguise. Everyone is in favour of Bran becoming the king, but Sansa tells him that she loves him but the Northern men have been through a whole lot and after everything, they wouldn’t exactly be thinking to bend a knee. She tells him that the North would like to remain an independent kingdom like they have been for thousands of years and Bran nods his head in agreement.

Tyrion tells Bran that he is aware that Bran doesn’t want a title, but if he is made the king of seven kingdoms, would he rule with the best of his abilities? Bran replies, “why do you think I came all the way here”?

Tyrion says “All hail Bran the broken, first of his name, king of the handles and the first men, lord of the six kingdoms, the protector of the realm” as all the lords stand up and chant All hail Bran the broken.

Bran makes everyone know that he has chosen Tyrion to be his hand, Tyrion says that he doesn’t want it and doesn’t even deserve it but Bran insists. Grey Worm says it’s not possible for Tyrion to be the hand, and Bran reminds him that he is King so it is very well possible as Tyrion would spend the rest of his life fixing all of the mistakes he had made in the past.

Tyrion goes to meet Jon who is still locked up, and tells him that the unsullied soldiers wanted his head, but the King had to make peace by not letting him off the hook just like that. He has been asked to join the night watch, where he shall take no wife or lands and father no children. He would join the free folk and the bastards. Jon says that he doesn’t know if he did the right thing by killing Dany and Tyrion tells him to ask him in 10 years’ time.

Jon is released and is on his way to join his brothers at the night watch as he sees the unsullied army board their ships, to sail to the Isle of Naath, it’s a pity Missandei isn’t here with Grey Worm. Jon and Grey Worm exchange stares as he passes by.

He is stopped briefly by Arya, Sansa and Bran as Sansa asks for his forgiveness, that this was the best she could do. He tells her that the North is an independent kingdom today and it’s all thanks to her. He tells Arya that she can come see him anytime in castle black, but she tells him that she wouldn’t be going back to the North, she would be going West of Westeros since no one has ever been there.

He asks if she is with her needle and she says always. This scene actually made me cry, like this was a very emotional scene for us all. Jon reverences Bran and apologizes for not being there for him when he really needed him but Bran tells him that he was exactly where he needed to be. They watch Jon as he walks away to join his convoy.

Ser Brienne is seen with the book of the knights as she completes Jaime’s page stating all his accomplishments all with good fortune as she ended it with “died defending his queen”. Ohh what a man he really was.

Tyrion goes into the inner chambers and prepares for a meeting as the hand of the King. Lord Davos, Lord Bronn, Ser  Brienne, and Samwell Tarly who is now the grand mister walk into the room in a very disorderly way. King Bran later joins them as they all hail him.

He asks about Drogon, and they said he was last seen flying east. He tells them that he would find him, Tyrion should carry on with the rest. Ohh did we mention, Podrick is now a knight of Westeros, that’s right call him Ser Podrick. Tyrion carries on with the rest of the meeting with the master of coins, master of ships, grand mister and few open spaces for some other tiltles.

Lord Bronn really talks about the rebuilding of brothels over rebuilding ships, this is going to be one hell of a kingdom.

Sansa Stark looks as radiant and beautiful as ever as she is made the queen in the North, Arya Stark was given a ship and some men as she led the ship west side of Westeros looking also as beautiful as ever. Jon has gone to castle black, he reunites with his dire wolf Ghost and leads the free folk out alongside Tormund the giant spin.

And the greatest Show of all time comes to an end right where it started, in the woods with lots of snow. I think this was a really great show and everyone to the cast, writers, producers and every single person really put in their sweat to make it happen. Cheers to eight years of great acting.



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