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Here we have it, the fifth episode of the season finale of the legendary TV Show, Game of Thrones.

It has stood the test of time, and here we are almost at the end. Seen the previous episodes yet, catch up on the previous four episodes here,

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Episode 4 ended with mixed feelings for the viewers. Missandei was beheaded on Cersi’s orders, right in front of Dany and her lover, Grey Worm. Ser Jaime Lannister heads back to Kings Landing after breaking our lovely Ser Brienne’s heart.

Dany lost one more of her dragons and she is mad which seemed only normal. Grab your popcorns and join us on this lovely ride.

The episode starts with Lord Varys writing about Jon Snow’s real parental heritage on a scroll, maybe he does want to send out the scroll to the Lords of Westeros. Someone knocks on the door, and a little girl called Martha walks in, and seems to be an ally with Lord Varys.

She tells him that a certain “She” won’t eat and we sense fear when she says the soldiers might be watching her. She ends the conversation with a “the greater the risk, the greater the reward” statement. Typical of Lord Varys, we hope he isn’t up to something shady because this isn’t the right time to piss the dragon queen off.

Jon Snow and some of his men arrive Dragon Stone and are welcomed by Lord Varys by the shore. Jon Snow and Lord Varys have a strong discussion about the rightful heir to the Iron throne, as Lord Varys makes it clear to him, that he would support Jon Snow as he would make a great King.

Jon makes it clear to him that Daenerys is his queen, and he doesn’t want the throne and walks out on him. Lord Tyrion just stares and observes everything going on.

Lord Tyrion gathers up enough courage and goes to see Daenerys, heck, she looked like crap. Hasn’t eaten, hasn’t slept well and looks like she is mourning. I mean, she lost her confidant and her dragon. Tyrion tells her about the plots Lord Varys has going on as regards who sits on the Iron throne, after Tyrion told him about Jon’s true parentage.

Dany doesn’t seem surprised about it all, but claims that it was Jon who betrayed her, because she told him not to tell anyone, and he told Sansa, who in turn told Tyrion, who then told Lord Varys. Lord Tyrion apologizes for all the harm he might have caused. Next, we see Lord Varys still writing his letters, with the aim of sending it out.

We hear sound of people approaching, and he quickly burns the letter and removes his ring. Grey Worm and some other unsullied come in with a handcuff and bring him to Daenerys, who is seen standing with Jon Snow. Tyrion tells Lord Varys that he was the one who told the queen, and gives him a comforting pat.

Dany sentences Lord Varys to death, after calling all of her titles, which used to be the work of Missandei. “Dracarys” and Drogon came up from behind Dany and rained fire on Lord Varys.

Dany and Grey Worm are by the fire place talking about Missandei as Dany gives him the only thing that MIssandei brought along with her from her place. Grey Worm throws it into the fire to burn, typical unsullied innit? Jon Snow walks in, as Dany excuses Grey Worm. She tells Jon that she warned him not to tell anyone, and he did.

Now, Lord Varys is dead, and this is as much on Sansa, as it is on her. Now, Sansa knows what will happen when people learn about the truth. Dany makes a solid point, saying that people do not love her in Westeros, they love Jon Snow, and all they have for her is fear.

Jon tells her that he loves her, and she would always be his queen. She tries to kiss him, and he returns the kiss but later cuts off, maybe due to the obvious fact that she is his aunt by blood.

Dany seems like she has had enough of all of this, and wants to burn down Kings Landing. Tyrion tries to tell her that the people fear Cersei and that they are like captives there. Anyone who goes against Cersei would be killed, including their families and that they are not there because they love Cersei, it’s against their will.

Dany orders Grey Worm to get the unsullied army and join the Northern army and wait for her outside the walls of Kings Landing, they would know when it’s time. Tyrion tries to plead for mercy, but Dany’s mind is pretty set straight.

She also mentions to him that they caught his brother Jaime on his way to Kings Landing, leaving Tyrion really scared and confused at the same time. She tells him “the next time you fail me, will be the last time you fail me”. Back in Kings Landing, the common people are moved into the Red Keep.

Tyrion and Jon Snow head to where the Northern men are camped, and Tyrion asks Ser Davos for a favour, considering that he is known to be the best smuggler in Westeros.

Meanwhile, Arya Stark and the hound have arrived, and Arya makes it clear to the soldier who stops them that she is on her way to kill Cersei. Tyrion goes to meet Jaime, who was captured and tries to talk to him about going to meet Cersei and getting her to back down.

He tells Jaime that she would burn down the city tomorrow and thousands of innocent people will die. Tyrion and Jaime hug and appreciate each other knowing fully well that Tyrion might lose his life for releasing Jaime.

Jon Snow and his men have arrived Kings Landing, the Lannister army get ready for the war as they also gather people into the castle. We see Arya and the hound also making their way into the castle. They were able to make it through before the gates were shut, leaving thousands of common people outside.

Jaime wasn’t able to make it through the gates on time, and there was no way he could have been spotted amidst all those people. Tyrion reminds Jon Snow that if they hear the bells ring, it means that they have surrendered and he should call off his men.

Everyone senses the tension, but Cersie seemed pretty unbothered, knowing fully well that Euron had the black water, and her army were also in great numbers. Euron Greyjoy and his men also had dragon spear ready, should in case the dragon queen shows up on her last remaining dragon.

Swoosh Swoosh, Dany makes a heroic entrance, hiding under the clouds as she directs the dragon and burns all of the Iron fleet, after so many shots at Drogon. Euron makes it out in time as he jumps out of his ship just before Dany blows them out.

On land, Dany comes up behind as she burns down the golden company that provided army for Cersei to secure the gates. This gives Dany’s army entrance as they go into the city slaughtering every soldier they can find. Dany is really on her way to burn the city to the ground.

Cersei’s hand tells her that their defense have been compromised and that all the Iron fleets and soldiers at the entrance have all been cleared out. He seems pretty scared knowing the situation on ground as fire spreads more and more. Cersei reassures him that her soldiers will fight for her with her last blood, she said, “the red keep has never fallen, it won’t fall today”.

Dany continues to burn down all the buildings, making way for her soldiers to pass through. Eventually, they are faced with Lannister army, thousands of them. After much consideration and thought, they drop their weapons and surrender.

They ring the bell as a sign of surrender, which gave Jon Snow relief, because the thought of having to harm innocent people really made him sick. Dany was pretty angry, and we all know that the bell wasn’t exactly going to cut it for Dany, knowing all what Cersei has done to her, and the bell doesn’t mean Cersei had stepped down from the Iron throne.

Dany didn’t stop, she continued burning down hell which would mean that they were all dying either way. She wants her throne, and she would get it no matter the cost. Tyrion was really shocked to see Dany do this, and we wouldn’t exactly blame her for her actions.

Meanwhile, Cersei is scared to her pants, knowing fully well that death is closer than ever before. Cersei dropped a tear of fear, ohh what a moment to remember. Ser Jaime was still on his way to find a way to get Cersei out of Kings Landing.

Being a son of the soil, he definitely knows his way around the castle. Shockingly, he stumbles upon Euron Greyjoy who made it out of the water, after a very long swim from the look of things. Jaime sees him as just another irrelevant person, but Euron doesn’t have the same thoughts, as he draws out a sword stopping Jaime in his tracks.

He tells Jaime that he fucked his sister which made him a king now, ohh what a dumbass. He also tells Jaime that he would kill him and take his head to Cersei so he can kiss her for the very last time.

Well, that triggers Jaime as he turns around and engages Euron, they fought, turned each other, gave each other blows and hits and Euron stabs Jaime’s side with a sword first of all making he and Jaime drop to the ground.

Euron tells him that he fought well, for someone with one hand which was pretty true. Jaime struggles and gets hold of his sword and puts it through Euron’s heart and turned it inside of him but not before Euron also puts a knife through him for the second time.

Euron said in his dying phase to Jaime “But I got you, I got youuu. I am the man who killed Jaime Lannister”. Ohh wow Jaime was badly hurt and may not survive this but he staggered away as Euron got the fulfillment of his life.

Jaime was really that elite a person, that people thought a man couldn’t kill him. Meanwhile, Cersei’s hand took her to where might be a safe place for her after realizing that the red keep wasn’t so safe anymore, it has been breached.

Arya and the hound finally get inside the castle and realize that everything was coming down sooner or later. Kings Landing was done for, and according to the hound, there was no way Cersei was coming out of here alive.  He told Arya to go home where she would be safe, that if she follows him, she would die here. Arya thanks him as he goes on his way further to finish off his revenge.

The castle is crumbling down and there seem to be no hiding place for Cersei anymore. The mountain protects her and her hand when bricks rain down on them. They come face to face with the hound as he greets Cersei in a very sarcastic way, she probably thinks, the whole world is against me, no?

The remaining guards who didn’t die from the fire try to attack the hound but he finishes them with few swings of his sword as he says to the mountain, who happens to be Cersei’s beast, “hello big brother”. This was his lifelong revenge apparently, to kill his beast of a brother.

Ser Gregor aka the mountain, takes a step down to face his brother, Cersei being a scary little chicken at that point in time says to him “Ser Gregor stay by my side”. He looks at her, and sees the beast she created with his eyes being as red as fire.

After a long dreadful stare, he still continues to move down to meet his brother, as she blurts “Ser Gregor, I command you”. Her hand who was also scared to his pants, but at that moment of the hound, stands in front of the mountain and tells him to obey his queen.

Ser Gregor just lifts him up and throws him to one corner like he didn’t mean anything all this while.  Cersei realizes that none of these two men really care about whatever title she holds, considering that her kingdom has been destroyed.

She also notices that whatever this was, was definitely between the both of them and had nothing to do with her, as she quietly excused herself from their presence leaving them both in their fury.

The hound approaches his brother as the mountain just stands there like a beast. They engage in a sword fight which was mostly the hound throwing punches and the mountain just standing there. His helmet finally came off and woah, he really is a beast. Out of anger, he draws out his sword and they engaged in a proper fight.

After series of hits and sword cuts, the mountain refused to die. The hound put a sword through him, gave him several cuts, and even put a knife into his skull, he still didn’t die. At the end of the day, he had to push him alongside himself as they died together as they fell into fire and dubris.

Meanwhile Cersei is alone and scared to her pants, as her whole world has crumbled at her feet. We see Jaime, her twin brother and the one person she really loved come to her, and that might have been the one true moment she needed him. She felt so relieved to see him, as they get into each other’s arms. She notices that he is hurt and is badly bleeding but Jaime tells her that it doesn’t matter as he leads her away to what might be safety.

As all these were going on, Arya was caught in the harm that the dragon fire was causing as she tried to escape from all the trouble. She fell down and was trampled upon, until a stranger helped her up and she got back on her feet, this was a matter of survival.

Jon Snow seeing that there was no way safe if his men went any further, asked them to fall back and go to safety. The war seems to have been over, as Daenerys continued burning down all what she could. Arya is badly hurt, she hit her head somewhere and all the dust is definitely affecting her. She tries to save the woman who helped her earlier and her daughter but the Dothraki soldiers seem to be slaying down everything that came their way.

Jaime and Cersei are caught up in a no road situation as they get to a point where there is no way out. Cersei is really scared and doesn’t want to die as she tells Jaime that she doesn’t want her baby to die, not this way. Jaime tells her that nothing else matters, and that they were the most important thing to each other at the moment. They die in each other’s hands as the building collapse on them.

Arya is badly hurt and sees the corpse of the hound, which made her drop a tear. She just somehow sees a horse from nowhere and climbs on it and makes her way through on the horse.

What’s next for the whole of Westeros? What’s next for Jon and everyone? I guess we would find out in the next episodes. One episode more and we can all chill. We can’t wait to see who sits on the Iron Throne.


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