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Game of Thrones season 8 is here. We Highlighted all the actions of the much talked about Episode 3 in this Article. Take some pop corn because It’s a long read and you are new on this website, you might want to take a look at earlier Episodes below


Catch up on the first two episodes here, Game of Thrones season 8 episode 1 and Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2

The night is dark. The dead are finally here in Winterfell. The battle has to begin, with so much tension of who will die and who will survive. Heck! Was there any chance of the living even winning this battle? I guess we would find that out at the end of this very long awaited episode titled “Battle in Winterfell”.

In the first scene, we see the soldiers getting in line and getting ready for the war. Little Lady Mormont is pretty much resilient as she is seen gathering her men and making sure they are all in position. Samwell Tarly is seen also, on his way to the battle field, we also see Tyrion Lannister making it to the crypt and one thing we see in all of their faces is FEAR.

I mean, who wouldn’t be scared. They are in war with death, things who had no feelings, do not feel pain or any sort of torture. Man, this is definitely going to be one hell of a war.

We see Ser Davos, Arya and some soldiers on top of the tower as the two dragons go forth into the battle field. Well, at this point they needed any form of reassurance they could get. The unsullied army also take their position on the battle field. We see sling balls set and other war weapons, they seem pretty much ready for the war as they all take due position.

Ser Brienne, Podrick, Ser Jamie Lannnister, the hound, Samwell Tarly, yes he did stay in front alongside these other great warriors. The fierce Dothrakis take their position of front of the others, with their horses, long hairs and amazing body builds. Ser Jorah Mormont leads the pack. We also see a wolf, ohhh what a glorious moment. Everyone was fighting against the dead, humans and animals alike.

Everyone is waiting, everyone is tensed. They await the army of the Night King.


Remember Lady Melisandre from Game of Throne Season 3?

yeah, suprisingly Lady Melisandre (the red lady) comes out of nowhere, Ser Davos sees her and of course is agitated which is only normal considering their past. She approaches Ser Jorah and asks him to tell the Dothraki soldiers to raise up their swords, which they do.

She invokes the power of her God as she lit up their swords. It was a beautiful sight as all their swords became blazing swords. We see their numbers, and gain small hope. Ser Jorah nods in what may be a thank you as the red lady makes her way through and heads into the castle. She hails Grey worm as she passes by.

Ser Davos sees her approaching and asks them to open the gate for her to come through. The history they both had was a pretty rough one but she tells him as he approaches her filled with rage “There is no need to execute me, Ser Davos. I will be dead before the dawn”. Well, let’s see how that one goes my lady. She locks eyes with Arya who is at the top of the tower as they stare at each other.

We hear a very loud war cry and noise, apparently, the Dothraki army were done waiting. They all headed out on their horses to meet whatever it is that was down there. They also lit up the sling balls as it landed before the Dothraki army, supposedly making a path for them.

Slowly and gradually as they approach, we see their lit up swords lose their light and just like that, boom!! They are all gone. There are no signs of the Dothrakis and we have absolutely no idea what just happened to all of them.

Now, this is where real fear steps in. Everyone is staring and looking at themselves as the Dothrakis just vanish into God knows where. Okay, we see movements and hear sounds. Ser Jorah and very few Dothrakis are seen returning back on their horses. They all looked injured, meaning indeed something flagitious was down there.

Daenerys Targaryen sees Ser Jorah Mormont in that state which would only mean that the White Walkers were here already. She leaves the spot she and Jon were as she tells him that they were waiting for the night king, but the army of the Night King were here already, meaning that they had to do something and not just stand there and watch.

Nice one, Queen Daenerys, she has indeed grown to be a resilient woman.

We hear sounds and stamping of foot as we see the white walkers approaching in their numbers. The unsullied get hit first as everyone soon gets into battle mode. The war has started, everyone is fighting. Armed with dragon glass, they seem to be doing well but the army of the Night King were just too much.

We see Ser Brienne in full combat mode, but is taken down by a couple of white walkers as they pile up on her. Ser Jamie sees her, and comes to her rescue. He tries to shag them off her as we see dragon fire. Ohhh yes, Dany and Jon come in full force riding on top of the dragons. They burn off the white walkers as much as they can, which seemed pretty much needed at this point in time.

Jon tries to aim at some of the white walkers who were still in position but a mysterious wind from nowhere makes him lose his way as he can’t see clearly again. Seeing that the battle was getting really tensed, Arya Stark, asks her sister Sansa Stark to head back to the crypt, which was the safest place anyone could be in Winterfell.

Sansa tries to object, but Arya gives her a knife as a sort of protection and asks her to stick the pointed end to the bad guys as Arya gets her bows and arrows set. Everyone is fighting with everything they’ve got. Ser Jorah seems shaken up as he is thrown down from his horse.

We spot Gendry, Podrick, Ser Jaime, the hound, Ser Brienne, Samwell and the last guy from the night watch asides Jon and Samwell all in full action. Samwell drops to the ground as the white walkers seem to have taken their toll on him. His friend comes through for him as he urges him to get up. Ohh well, he gets stabbed from the back. He literally saved Samwell’s life and gets killed himself.

Not even up to 25 minutes into the episode, we have lost a significant person. The HBO Crew(Game of Thrones makers) doesn’t really care about our feelings, wow. Samwell takes to his heels. Lady Sansa heads to the crypt and joins the others. We see fear written all over her as Tyrion just sips his wine in silence. The wind is really being a pain in the ass, because Jon and Dany can’t see clearly. They even bump into each other at some point.

The fighting continues, as the fighters are asked to fall back into the castle walls. We see Little Lady Mormont summoning her people to open the gates so the fighters could come in. They fall back into the walls as we see the unsullied army protecting those who were retreating.

Bran just sits on his wheel chair keeping his calm, Theon Greyjoy and the Storm borns are hovered around him ready with their bows and arrows. As planned, Jon stays around Bran but not too close, waiting for the Night King.

Everyone seems to have retreated as just the unsullied army are there protecting the castle gates. The trenches are asked to be lit up, Ser Davos gives the sign but Dany can’t see the sign because of the wind.

The trench needs to be lit up, that was the only way the mortified were not getting through now. Greyworm sees Lady Melisandre, they stare at each other, probably thinking the same thing. She was the only hope they had now. They make way for her and protect her as he lays her hands on the trenches chanting her spells.

Just at the last minute, her God answers her as the trenches get lit up. It gives them a little edge and a minute to rest at least, as the army of the Night King hold back in their attack.

Back in the crypt, everyone is scared and shaken up. Tyrion insists that they all should have been out there doing something. Sansa tells him that they would all have been dead if there were out there, there is nothing they can possibly do. She brightens up the mood by telling Tyrion that only his witty comments would have made the difference.

She says that it’s the truth and this is the most heroic thing they could possibly do right now. Tyrion says that they should have just remained married(Remember they were made to marry themselves in an earlier season of Game of Thrones), as Sansa agrees that he was the best of them all but it wouldn’t work between them both.

Her reasons being that their loyalties were divided because of the dragon queen and it would be a problem. Missandre makes a very honest but valid point saying that “Yes, without the dragon queen, there would be no problem at all. We’d all be dead already”.

In the another scene of this episode of Game of thrones, Bran and Theon are seen having a conversation. On realizing that the trenches have been lit, and their deaths were very near, Theon tries to make peace with Bran as he apologizes for all the harm he caused but Bran cut him short saying “everything you did brought you where you are now, where you belong, home”.

Bran really could care less about the past. Theon feels better as Bran tells him that he has to go now and his eyes turns white, we see the raven also as they fly out.

The Big Bad Guy of game of throne- episode 3 arrives on his dragon. Yes, we finally see the Night King, ohhh what a scary creature he is. He stretches his hand out and we have no idea what is happening.

Suddenly, the white walkers try to pass through the lit up trenches. They climb on each other, the first set of people just absorbing the heat and roasting as others come after them and pass right through.

This would only mean that the break is over and they were coming into the castle. The soldiers and warriors are asked to man the walls, because a lot of climbing was definitely coming considering that the gates were still locked. Everyone heads to the wall as the hatchers move further up to strike with their arrows.

A lot of slashing down from the wall seems to be going on, but they keep coming and coming which would make you wonder, do these dead people ever finish??

Everyone is fighting and getting weak, as we see the mighty hound who didn’t seem scared of anything all through the past seasons pretty shaken up. He just stops fighting and rests on a wall, you can use FEAR written all over him.

Next, we see Arya in action as she beheads a white walker. Yeah, we haven’t seen her in this much action during this battle. She fights with pure expertise and skill, even though her weapon is broken, she still wields with perfection.

The hound is still stand still even when he is urged to return to battle. Arya continues fighting as she single handedly defeats all the white walkers that climbed up to where she and Ser Davos were. After her last kill, she turns and sees Ser Davos staring at her in bewilderment, he didn’t know this side of Arya after all.

Next, we see Little Lady Mormont and her people fighting and defending the gates, and then a giant white walker just walks through the gate bursting it right open. Oh my little lady, the giant basically just flips her away like a piece of paper. The giant uses his strength to destroy all the traps they had put in place to at least keep the white walkers away for a little while.

The hound still stands in one spot as he is called upon to join in the fight and not give up on them. In anger, he asks him to fuck off, that there was no way they would be able to defeat them. You can’t beat death he said.

We see Arya on the run and hanging from the top of the tower as she tries to survive. The hound is told to repeat what he just said to Arya. He sees her as she tries to save her life, by making a run and he somehow gets the energy again to fight to stay alive.

The giant white walker didn’t seem satisfied with the damage he had already done. He kept on destroying and killing people as Lady Mormont seemed to stagger back on her feet. She screams at the top of her voice with a black dragon knife in her hand as she runs to the giant even when others were running away from him. The giant must have been pretty pissed at her size and the guts that came with it, as he picked her up as he strangled her neck.

I mean, he could pretty much have just tossed her aside, but he didn’t. Even the dead recognizes the resilient at heart. He grunts and breaks her bones as he lifts her up to his eye level to probably look at her clearly, who knows. She uses all the strength in her body to stab him in the eyes with the dragon knife that was in her hands. Boom, the giant drops to the ground alongside Little Lady Mormont. Ohh, what a brave little girl she was. This looked like a replay of David and Goliath, she did die a heroic death.

The battle of the dragons begin as the night king’s dragon breathes out blue fire and causes the other two dragons to retreat if they do not want to get killed.

Arya retreats into the castle to catch her breath in the library, but it had already been infiltrated by white walkers. She sneaks around as silently to prevent getting attraction to herself. She finally escapes on a close mark as she gives them a false direction with a book. Eventually, they realize she is there, they all come after her and she runs for her dear life. Considering that she knows her way around the castle which is her home, hopefully she would make it through.

The rest of the people still wait in the crypt as they hear a loud noise outside the door which means that the soldiers that were protecting the doors leading to the crypt were already compromised.

Everyone is scared as they wait in silence including Sansa Stark. The hound and the one eyed guy take turns in protecting Arya as the white walkers are on their heels. The one eyed guy really protects them as he takes in a lot of knife cuts just to keep them safe. Three of them manage to get into a room which was safe for just the moment and he gives up the ghost. Another hero has fallen, he really did give his life to protect Arya.

From nowhere, Lady Melisandre shows up in the room and tells Arya and the hound that the guy was brought back to life for this reason, and his purpose has been served. Arya recognizes the red woman and remembered what she said to her the last time they saw.

The red lady in an earlier season of game of throne, had told Arya that she would shut many eyes forever, the brown eyes, green eyes and blue eyes.

The room they were in seemed not too safe anymore as the white walkers were gathering up behind the shut door. Melisandre then says to Arya, “what do we say to the god of death”? And Arya replies “not today”. She looks at the red woman as she takes off leaving them in the room.

The dead finally approach the ancestral gods wood as Theon encourages his men to get ready and steady their lit arrows.

The Night King rides on his dragon and rains hell on the castle in the form of blue fire as he brings down their walls. The dragons fight tooth and nail as they try to rip each other apart. The Night King drops from his own dragon as he aims at Jon’s Snows dragon that was still in the air.

The tail of one of the dragons fling him away as Dany comes to the rescue on her own dragon. Dany who is still firmly riding her dragon sees the Night King as he stands alone. With anger, She tells her dragon to rain fire on him and her baby obeys throwing hell on the Night King.

We do not hear any shattering of bones, all white walkers are still moving, and this would only mean that fire got nothing on the Night King. We see him stand still in the fire like a vampire, urrggghhh what a showoff, just like a bully.

The Night King smiled, I couldn’t have been the only one who saw that smirk on his face, what an asshole. He picks up his ice spear and throws it at the dragon but thankfully, Dany moves it and he misses. He continues to move to where Bran is, and Jon Snow follows him behind with his sword drawn out. The Night King turns to face him as he raises the soldiers who died on the battle field. Apparently, this villain didn’t just raise the ones on the battle field. He was making fresh white walkers in the whole of Winterfell.

Now, this is what you call doom. How long could they possibly hold up anymore. Even the dead that lay in the crypt were also woken up. Really creepy moment, I bet the Starks might have seen their fore fathers one more time.

All attention seemed to have been turned to getting to Bran as the Night King left Jon Snow on the battle field with enough demons to fight. He held on tight killing as many as he could, but for how long should be the important question here.

Thankfully, Daenerys came to his rescue with dragon fire as she burnt the white walkers that surrounded him making way for him to go and protect Bran and kill the Night King. As she stays there on the dragon, protecting Jon Snow as he goes, the white walkers gather on the dragon in numbers and stab it in different places.

Dany is still on top of it so it can’t exactly just fling its mother away. She gets down from the dragon, so it can fight for itself as it takes off and shrugs them away from its body.

Dany is down, alone and scared as one white walker comes towards her with force. She isn’t armed so you can see the fear in her eyes. Just as soon as it comes close to her, we see Ser Jorah Mormont come to her rescue as he beheads the thing and takes her by the arm. Ohhhh, what a relief.

No way in hell was Khaleesi getting killed by a white walker on the battle field when Ser Jorah was still alive. The soundtrack that started here was something powerful.

Meanwhile, Jon Snow was still on his way to the gods wood to protect Bran and he was fearlessly killing all the white walkers that came his way. He spotted a couple of his people, Tormund, Ser Jaime, Samwell and the rest of them.

They were all fighting these things with all they’ve got. Samwell looked like he could really use some help from anyone at this point in time which Jon Snow saw but had to keep moving for the greater good. They needed to take them out once and for all, if not they would never finish. He was on his way to kill the Night King. Knowing the way around his home, he bypasses some routes and continues on his way, fighting and killing anything possible.

Theon and his men are doing a pretty good job, considering how outnumbered they were. Until Theon discovers that he is out of arrows and they literally had no form of defense left. He opted to using his bow as he continued to fight the ones he can with a spear he found on the floor. On the battle field, Ser Jorah was protecting Daenerys as he fought for his queen, Dany also picked up a sword herself, you had better, Queen. Death knows no royal titles apparently.

Back in the crypt, everyone is running as the dead keep creeping out of where they were buried. We see Tyrion and Sansa hiding behind a wall in fear. Sansa brings out the dragon knife that Arya gave her as Tyrion signals to her that they had to move from where they were. They are both scared to hell as we see them shiver. Tyrion, being a man holds her hands and plant a reassuring kiss on one of her hands as they stare into each other’s eyes.

I honestly have no idea if this is just war emotions or some lovey dovey emotions were steering up. It had to be because they were going to die soon, it just had to be.

A very sad soundtrack that sounded like end time started, gave us shivers the more. Jon snow continues on his way to meet his brother as the Night King’s dragon comes from nowhere and rains hell on where he was.

He had to go into hiding if he wanted to live to protect his brother. Everyone was still fighting to stay alive including Ser Jorah who was seriously taking in cuts all over, all for his queen. Tyrion and Sansa make a run as they come across the others who had gone into hiding. Dany assisted Ser Jorah on the field, killing those she can but he was badly hurt and was struggling to stand on his feet.

Jon Snow continues on his way but the dragon kept on stopping him with fire. It almost felt like the Night King asked the dragon to not let Jon Snow through. This was a pretty frustrating moment for Jon. Theon was gloriously fighting with all the power we never knew he had as he kept them away from Bran, but he was also tired, I mean, who wouldn’t be at this point.

The Night King and what I would call the king makers stroll in like bad guys as they make their way to Bran. Ser Jorah is down, but somehow manages to get up again, what a man. We see Samwell Tarly sobbing, as he is too tired to fight back anymore. Ser Brienne, Podrick, Jaime, Gendry and even Tormund are still holding on with the little strength they have.

Theon fights bravely as he kills all the ones that come close, they suddenly stop coming as he realizes that their boss is here. The army of the dead make way for the Night King as he comes faces to face with Theon. Bran returns back with his eyes normal again and says to him as Theon sobs, “Theon, you are a good man. Thank you”. Honestly, considering all that had happened with Theon all through the foregoing seasons of Game of Thrones, these last word Bran said to him was definitely something he needed to hear.

Our feelings for Theon evolved all through the seasons, we went from not caring about Theon to hating Theon, to actually being disgusted by Theon to feeling sad for the poor thing, to rooting for Theon, to being proud of Theon to wanting to follow Theon into battle. Now, that’s exactly how you write about a character. He indeed was a hero after all.

He nods to Bran in what we all know was his final moments as he takes bold steps to the Night King with a spear in his hand. All he could do was try at the very least. The Night King finishes him off by putting a spear into him when he came close. Theon drops on his knees, then to the ground leaving Bran with the Night King and his army. Jon is still held back by the dragon, how was he ever going to make it through.

The Night King made his move for Bran after making sure that Theon was dead. On the battle field, Ser Jorah was still alive but he was badly wounded. He was taking swords aimed at Khaleesi and really kept to his word, when he told her in the past seasons, “Take me, let me serve you, and I will protect you with my life”.

The Night King kept moving towards Bran, taking slow strides. Jon was weak, but was held back by the dragon. The Night King and Bran finally look into each other’s eyes in what seemed like Bran final moments. Jon was very much annoyed already and he finally stood up to the dragon with screams as he stared face to face with the Night King’s dragon. Whew, was a dragon really going to kill Jon Snow after all he has been through and overcame.

The Night King reaches for his sword at his back as we see fierce Arya jump from nowhere with the Valeyrian knife Little finger gave to Bran who in turn gave it to Arya. She aims for the Night King but he turns just in time to strangle her by the neck, she loses her grip as the knife drops from her hand down, being a skilled fighter and probably knowing what she was doing,

she reaches for the knife with her other hand and stabs the Night King in his stomach. Wait what? And boom!!! We hear shattering of ice. The Night King drops to the ground and so does every other shady creature he made, including the dragon. Arya really did this. The Blue eyes Lady Melisandre mentioned was indeed the Night King and all his creatures, who would have thought?

I mean, Jon Snow was the hero we were all rooting for, it seemed only normal for him to be the one. All the dead drop down, including Ser Jorah. Man, he fought with his whole blood to keep Dany safe. He falls to the ground having his final moments.

We see Tormund, Ser Jaime, Ser Brienne, Podrick, Gendry and a couple of others as they stare in amazement, still holding their Swords tight. Sansa and the rest in the crypt also notice that the dead have all fallen down as they come out and stare on. Apparently, the main characters who were in the crypt, all remained alive. They lost just a few people.

Arya stares at her brother, still wondering what just happened. I doubt, she was certain that she was going to pull that off successfully.

On the battle field we see Dany crying as she holds Ser Jorah. He died, wow, that was indeed another brave death that happened here. We all love Ser Jorah, and we loved how much he loved Dany and promised to protect her. Knowing that he died protecting the one person he truly cared about, might not be a bad idea after all.

Dany was completely heartbroken. We see her dragon Drogo, as he comes up behind her and lays besides her offering what looked like a shoulder to cry on.

The hound is alive, thank goodness, alongside Lady Melisandre who walks out into the cold. Okay, what is going on here? Ser Davos comes out with his dagger in his hand and just stares on as he watches the red woman strip off her clothes, exposing herself to the cold. We have no idea why wants to hurt herself.

She takes off her neckpiece and last piece of clothing as he walks further out into the snow and drops dead. Apparently, since the white walkers didn’t kill her, she has to kill herself? What a dramatic person she really is. It has been drama with her all through her beginning days with Stanley Baratheon and her last days in Winterfell. She did help them a lot during this battle, and her prophecies were mostly correct, so I guess she was useful after all.

Ohh, what an episode this was. A war the Northerners knew was coming for years started and ended in this episode, with Arya being the promised princess that would take down the Night King. Now, this is what you call a plot. Complete brilliance and excellence, they couldn’t have done it any better.

What’s next after defeating the Night King and his army?

The Iron throne still had Cersei sitting on top of it. Jon Snow, whose real name is Aegon Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen were both entitled to the Iron throne, but does Jon really want the throne?

I guess we would find out in the next episode, Game of thrones season 8 episode 4. With only three episodes left, we wonder what is left in Westeros. Not forgetting that Cersei has a full army set and ready for war.

Are you just stumbling on this episode, and have not seen the past seasons, check it out here Game of thrones season 8 episode 1 and Game of thrones season 8 episode 2.

Knock yourselves out. Like, share and comment if you might. See you next time, XOXO.


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