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The HBO team has dropped another one for us, and we all know what it means, it’s that time of the day where we lock up the doors, make some snacks and get cozy because we have got a legendary television to watch.

If you want to catch up on the previous episode, read it all up here, Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 1. To follow up well as we dissect this one here.

This episode is named “A knight of the seven kingdoms”. It was televised on Sunday and we all were expecting an action filled package but we did get preparations as both the young and the old were all getting ready for the battle against the dead.

The scene started off in the lunch room of Winterfell where Sir Jamie is placed right in front of Dany, Jon and Sansa. Dany remembers all that her brother said to her about the king slayer who killed their father, she is filled with so much rage that he stands before her looking to find solace. Dany asks about the army that his sister promised to send to the North to fight with them, Jamie tells her that she didn’t keep up to her word and that he came here alone. Dany despitefully mentioned that all she can see is one man with one hand.

Tyrion tries to defend his brother, and Dany cuts him short and chastises him for being an incompetent hand who was fooled by his own sister and was probably getting fooled by his brother again.

Dany asks why he should be trusted, Jamie speaks up saying that he promised to fight for the living and he intends to keep his promise. He said “this goes way beyond loyalty, this is survival”. Brienne stands up and vouches for Jaime as she explains how much of a help he has been to her in the past. She made mention about how he saved her from getting raped by the men who captured them which made him lose his hand in the process. Brienne says that she would fight by his side. Sansa says that she trusts Brienne with her life, so if Brienne trusts him with hers, then he is free to join them in Winterfell. Dany asks Jon, who is now the warden of the north what he thinks, and Jon really doesn’t have any problem with anyone, he just wants more living hands.

Jamie is then asked to stay as Bran also kept his secret safe with him, he didn’t mention it. We can’t deny the complicated feelings that Brienne might have towards Jamie.

Arya goes down to the forge where Gendry is working and sneaks up on him as she watches him work. Gendry is really doing the smiths job on all that dragon glass as Winterfell needs as much dragon glass weapons as they can get. Arya asks if he has made her weapon, he says he will, as soon as he is done with these ones he is making. She urges him to have done hers first, I mean, she is the lady of Winterfell.

Gendry tells her that it would be safer for her to stay in the crypt, she asks if he would be there himself and he says no, that he would do his part on battle. He mentions to Arya that he has fought some nightwalkers, just a few of them. Arya asks what the night walkers are like, how they move, what they are made of, Gendry cuts her short saying that he knows very well that she loves to fight and that she is not scared of rapists or murderers, but that this is completely different. This is death, that’s what they are like, death. Gendry who doesn’t know how strong Arya is now, is shocked to not see her surprised as she picks up Dragon glass knives and throws three of them at one spot with expertise as she says

I know death, it’s got many faces, I look forward to seeing this one”.

Gendry looks really surprised and he laughs as he realizes how good she is. She walks away as she requests for her weapon with authority and he says he would get right on it. This was definitely a “I have also grown up” move from Arya, we Stan a bad ass.

Having just arrived in Winterfell, Jamie meets up with Bran in front of the gods wood as they talk about the nasty business they had in season 1. Jamie apologizes to Bran, but Bran seemed less concerned about all that, he even said if he hadn’t pushed him, he might have still been Bran Stark which he isn’t anymore.

Bran mentions that there was no point in telling them about what he did to him as they would have executed him, and what good would he be dead? Jamie asks what he would do afterwards, and shockingly, Bran asks how sure he is that there would be an afterwards. I mean, if there was anyone we were hoping for positivity from, it was Brandon Stark.

Tyrion and his brother Jamie finally meet up in the battlements which were all getting armed with dragon glass. They do a bit of catching up as Jamie asks how his brother feels about the new queen, Tyrion reminds him that she is his queen too. Tyrion tells Jamie that the people would come around well as soon as they realize that she is different.

They both lament about how Cersei had deceived them in the past, but one thing was clearly pointed out, she never really lied to Jamie about anything. She was always her true self around him and he loved her anyway. They climb up and watch the men work below as Tyrion explains that dying in Winterfell wasn’t exactly what he had planned, but at least he wouldn’t give Cersei the pleasure of killing him. He goes on as Jaime notices Brienne down on the field. He goes down to talk to her as she fills him in on the formation they would be taking to have more edge over the nightwalkers. He agrees as she cuts him short in what seemed more like a confused outburst and he explains that he is no longer the fighter he used to be, but if she would have him, he would be glad to serve under her command. She leaves in a way that doesn’t seem like their reunion went great.

Ser Jorah goes to see Khaleesi and tells her to forgive Tyrion for his mistakes. He told her that he has also made very terrible mistakes in the past which she forgave him for. All these talks were going on, and the white walkers were still taking their time doing whatever they were doing in the snow. Dany goes to meet Sansa and tells her how much she loves her brother and would do anything to fight for his people. She tells her that she knows Sansa hasn’t been a fan but she promises to never disappoint her and the people, her main line is to make peace with Sansa. Sansa asks Dany what would happen afterwards, when they defeat the dead and she destroys Cersei. Dany doesn’t reply, as they were interrupted.

Theon Greyjoy is back with fuller hair, he tells Dany that his sister is safe but is on her way to the Iron Islands because they do not have enough ships to sail north. Dany who of course didn’t know that Sansa and Theon had a past, asks him why he is here then, as he says he came to fight for Winterfell if Lady Sansa would have him. Sansa who was still flushed rushes to hug him as it looked pretty emotional for them both. Dany just stared at them both, like okay what is going on?

In Winterfell, the preparation for the war is still ongoing as Ser Davos is seen feeding the Northerners with soup. He also encourages some villagers who seem to be pretty scared about what’s coming, he tells them that they would be fully armed and that they would get through this.

Well, we all know that we are not so sure about that anyway.

We also see Gilly talking to the women and children as they would be in the crypt, which seems like the safest place to be when the war starts. She definitely steals our heart with the show of kindness. A little girl approaches Ser Davos for soup and tells him that she wants to fight instead of staying safely tucked in the crypt. Gilly approaches them and tells her that she would be in the crypt with her son, and they could really use some help with that protective side of hers. The brave girl then promises to protect them in the crypt then.

Ser Davos and Gilly looked on with different emotions because, I mean, looks like they were all dying soon.

We hear a loud horn which meant people were approaching the gates, they all couldn’t wait to see who was still alive out there. The people of castle black, Tormund and the one eyed man who has resurrected a couple of times to our amusement arrive as Tormund does his wildling moves and shoves Jon unaware. They all do a little bit of catching up as they inform Jon about the calamity they saw in the Last Hearth and that the night king and his army would be in Winterfell before the sun comes up tomorrow.

Wait what, Jon and Samwell look scared as hell as Tormund lightens up the mood and asks whoever if the big woman, Brienne was still here?

In the war room, where all the important people are, they plan on the strategy to use to defeat the dead if they had any chance at all. Jon points out that they would never defeat them if they faced the army, they need to kill the night king so they can all fall. Getting to the Night King seemed impossible as Bran points out that he would come for him. He tells us about the mark the Night King put on his arm and how he would stop at nothing to kill Bran. They all agree to use Bran as bait to get to the Night King but not until Theon says he and the Iron born would protect Bran in the gods wood. They all agree to it, with concern on Sansa’s face. Ser Davos promises to hold the others back as much as they can, as Dany disagrees to Tyrion coming out in the open field. She urges him to stay in the crypt where he would be safe as she needs him alive for his intelligent mind. Jon urges them all to get some rest as they have a big day tomorrow.

They all exit, even Jon leaving Dany wondering why he wasn’t all cozy as he should be. Ohh well, she doesn’t know she is his aunty yet, but Jon knows. Tyrion is left with Bran as he asks him about what he has been through, considering that he seemed kinda weird now. I doubt Bran was getting to the details anyway.

We see Missandre trying to be nice to the kids as they all move away from her. Ohh yes, the Northerners do not do so well with strangers. Can’t blame them. Greyworm approaches her as he tells her to go with him when all this was over. After the war is won and Dany takes over her throne, they would both go to their places and see new places together.

Samwell and Jon are seen thinking about their last night as Samwell rightfully points out that Jon has not told Dany yet because he is waiting for the right moment. We could all see the sarcasm in Samwell’s eyes. The other member of the night watch joins them both as they think about where they all started, and how Samwell willingness to fight with them might seem like a clear definition of how fucked they were.

Tyrion and Jamie sit by the fireplace drinking wine that tasted like “piss” as they talk about the irony of their current lives considering all the glory they had in their past life, especially Jamie who was referred to as the golden lion. They cheer to what seemed like a last drink cheers as Brienne and her page boy joins them. They offer them wine, as they settled down for a seat by the fire. Tormund and Ser Davos also join the party by the fire. Ser Davos clearly states that he wasn’t there for the wine, all he wanted was the heat from the fire. Tormund continues the conversation by telling us the story of why he is called the giant spin, in between his obvious advances towards Brienne who seemed more uncomfortable than flattered. He tells us about how he killed a giant at a very early age, then suckled at the wife of the giant’s “teat” for three months, the giant milk made him strong, he said. Man, he really couldn’t take his own drink from a horn and Ser Davos gets that drink he turned down earlier.

Next, we see the Hound just getting a drink alone as Arya joins him and sits with him as he passes her his drink. They talk about how much they have both changed and how they have been up to some things. The Lord of the night guy joins them as he tries to gush about his mysterious Lord as Arya excuses herself from these two men who were “full of shit”.

Arya is seen shooting arrows as Gendry joins her and they talk about the last time they saw each other. She gives him a thorough screening of his sex life, asks about the people he has been with all through his life as she wants to know what it feels like to have sex at least before she dies tomorrow. He tries to blab something, but Arya cuts him short as she kisses him passionately and he returns the favour.

For a first timer, she did seem to have a lot of control as she pushes him down and undresses in such a hurry, showing us scars she has on her tummy, which surprises Gendry. She tells him that she isn’t the red woman and he should take off his own pants. Arya always means business. They show us little skin, do their stuff and we are grateful for not getting details because Arya is like our younger sister. Knowing she was getting down with a man was enough detail.

The popular kids are still at the fire place as they lament about their past ordeals, the things they have been through and all the battles they have fought and won. Tyrion mentions that he thinks they would win, which leaves all in them in laughter that seemed more like tears.

Tormund realizes that Brienne isn’t a knight because she is a woman and says if he was the king. He will “knight her ten times over”. Jamie states that they do not need a king to make a knight, a knight could make another knight. What seemed like a joke ends up getting serious as Jaime asks Brienne to kneel down as he makes her a knight just by the fire. “Arise, Ser Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the seven kingdoms”.

Never have we seen Brienne smile, it was indeed a very beautiful moment. Seeing this smile, I have come to the conclusion that nothing had better happen to Ser Brienne in this war. She is not dying, Perioddt…

Next, we see Ser Jorah and his cousin talking as he urges her to remain in the crypt where she would be safe. She refuses and says she would fight as she has done it before. She wishes him good fortune and leaves as Samwell steps in and offers Ser Jorah the Tarly sword, it is made of art and pure valyrian steel as it would be very much needed during the fight. Jorah promises to wield the sword in the memory of his father as he would be fighting for the living. Sam jinxed it by telling Jorah that they would see when it is through. That seemed more like a farewell to me, which would only mean that one of them was dying. Ohh no, we are not ready to lose any one of you.

The Night King seemed held up in traffic, as he doesn’t seem to be in that much of a hurry. Winterfell still takes his time on catching up. Ser Davos tells the others by the fire place that they are out of wine. Tyrion asks one of them to start a song. Ser Davos clearly points out that he was the worst singer in the world, Ser Brienne nods her head in no idea, and Tormund gives us a grunt which would mean that wildlings don’t sing. Ohh what a character.

Podrick starts a very melodious but sad song, it went thus,

High in the hopes of the kings who are gone, Jenny would dance with her girls. The ones she had lost, and the ones she had found and the ones who had loved her the most. The ones who’ve been gone for so very long, she couldn’t remember their names. They spun her around on a dance pole stone, spun away all her sorrow and pain. And she never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave, never wanted to leave.

As the song was going on in the background, farewells seemed accurate enough. Samwell was spending his last moments with Gilly and his son. Arya was laid up awake beside Gendry after their moment. Sansa and Theon were getting what seemed like their last supper. Greyworm and Missandre exchanged their last kisses which broke her. Ser Jorah looked back at Winterfell and made what looked like his final glance.

Every other person seemed cleared up, except Dany and Jon. He had obviously been avoiding her ever since Samwell told him about his true parents. Dany joins him in the crypt where he was staring at his mother, Lyanna Stark. Dany brings up the topic about what they said her brother did to her even though he was very decent during his life time but somehow he raped her.

Jon opens up to her as he tells her the story of Lyanna and her brother. He tells her that Rhaegar loved Lyanna and they got married in secret. She bore a son for him and gave him to her brother to raise as his own. If Robert had found out about the boy, he would have had him killed. Jon tells Dany that his real name is Aegon Targaryen. She looks surprised as much as disappointed, because this would mean that he would have a claim to the iron throne as the last male heir to the Iron throne. Jon tells her that’s it’s the truth, which we all know it is but she still has her doubts which seemed only normal.

They hear a loud battle horn which would only mean that the Night king has finally decided to fight. They obviously have a lot of unspoken statements amongst themselves, such as wow, it means we are related, who will get the throne afterwards e.t.c. Well, after a cold night full of passion, we are finally ready to break some heads. They do not have time to deal with their family issues at the moment, they need to remain alive for now.

We see Tyrion as he stares down to the fleet of the baddest and whitest set of people we have ever seen. God, safe us in this battle. Tyrion looks scared to his pants.

This episode, we all saw what was at stake here, but the battles didn’t start just yet. The sun is about to set, but the night is still very dark. This leaves us in the greatest anticipation of all times. If you wanted to see skulls crushed in this episode, well you might have been a little bit disappointed but this episode was a brace up of what’s to come in the next four episodes.

We got the memo of the tensions, those who had loved ones and basically the reason they were all coming together to fight for one cause. From here, I think we are ready to go into the battle field with them all, but this would also mean that we should get ready to see some good people who would die.

I honestly doubt that anyone would ever be ready for this one.

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