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It’s indeed a relief to have this legendary series back on our screens. Sitting down to watch an episode of a scheduled television almost everyone in the world was seeing is definitely a fun time to be alive.

This HBO hit has a lot of storylines to conclude on in just six episodes that would make up the eight season which is the final one season. The way all characters were intertwined and made it through this last Sunday’s season opener is an idea of what we should expect.

The Night King is here and Winter Has Come… i’m sure you will like to take a peep before seeing the actual Episode. Below is the official Teaser from HBO.

The episode started off in Winterfell with a young boy, running to catch a glimpse of the people who were coming to the North. It reminded us of Arya in the very first episode of game of thrones when she was excited to welcome King Robert Baratheon and his wife Cersei who came with their whole family and troops. She moved aside, smiled and allowed the little kid to watch because she did see herself in him. Only difference is that she is grown now.


The arrival of Jon Snow and Daenerys was a perfect way to start because it represented what exactly was at stake here. Everyone has to put aside their pride and personal ambitions to fight the common enemy that they have which is “the dead”.

The people in the North do not seem pleased to welcome these “foreigners” to their home as they give them long stares and distasteful looks, Dany senses it as she looks at them. But, I mean what did we really expect.

Their named King in the North was coming home with a queen they haven’t met before.

Arya seemed really pleased to see her brother, Jon Snow ride by on a horse and her countenance changes as she sees the Hound as one of the guests who just arrived. I mean, we all know how she left him to die when he asked her to kill him and let his death be quick in the previous seasons.

I can’t exactly be the only one that noticed the smile on her face when she saw Gendry arrive. Arya has never looked at a man that way before. Could our brave one be feeling something? Would be nice to see Arya fall in love though, we hope the HBO crew got that in check.


They all arrive in Winterfell, Tyrion, Grey worm and the unsullied, Missandre, the Dothrakys and others. Just as Jon was reminding Dany about the Northerners not being the most welcoming people to strangers, her two full grown dragons fly in and leave the Northerners going into hiding out of fear.

Dany must have been really proud at that moment. Oh! What a worthy show off…

As expected, Arya doesn’t seem scared of them, she looked more like intrigued. Sansa turned in amazement as the dragons flew above her head.


It was a time of re-union for the Starks as Jon caught up with Bran, first off. He seemed really excited to see him after a very long time since they were all separated. Jon calls him a man, and Bran who we all know has matured into “the three eyed raven” seemed uninterested in too much pleasantries and Jon senses something different about him. Jon turns and sees Sansa, they hug each other. He asks about Arya and as expected, she wasn’t there. In Sansa’s words “she is lurking somewhere”.

Dany approaches as Jon introduces her to Sansa as Queen Daenerys and refers to Sansa Stark as his sister, the Lady of Winterfell. Dany appreciates Sansa for welcoming them into their home. Sansa smiles sheepishly and says “Winterfell is yours, your Grace”. Bran cuts them off on their pleasantries and says they need to hurry, the night king has one of Dany’s dragon which we all know brought down the wall, which was the only thing that protected the living. He said the army of the dead matches south.

There is a meeting of the Lords of the different houses in Winterfell where Sansa urges all the banners to return home, especially Lord Ned Umber who she urges to go to Last Hearth and bring back his people. Jon asks to send a message that the men of the night watch also should return, since the wall has fallen.

A question of Jon’s position ensued as the Northerners tell him that they named in their king in the North before he left, and now they do not even know what to refer to him as anymore, because he had bent the knee to Dany. Sansa gives him a ‘I told you so’ stare which obviously means that she wasn’t in support of whatever arrangement he came home with. Jon speaks up and says that he is not interested in whatever title there is, he appreciates their belief in him but the main thing he wants is to protect the people and win the battle against the dead.

Tyrion who we refer to as the smart one, steps in the discussion and tries to settle it. He states how much they need the army that Dany has, and her two full grown dragons. He says that they do not have the numbers, the night king will prevail, so they all need to come together, all the living and fight this war together as one. He also mentions that the Lannister army would be joining them very soon which causes an uproar amongst the people, as we all know that the Lannisters and the people of Winterfell aren’t exactly best of friends. Sansa then mentions her worries about how they expect to feed all these people during this period which ends in an unspoken disagreement between Dany and Sansa as she asks “What do these two full grown dragons eat anyway?”

Dany responds with sarcasm “anything they want’

This leads us to the next scene where Gendry takes count of the wagons of dragon glass that arrive and asks them to be careful with every piece of it as they need every bit.

Tyrion approaches Sansa who seemed to be having a word with one of the lords. Tyrion greets them after which Sansa excuses the man she was with. They both exchange pleasantries and call themselves the titles they each have at the moment, Sansa being the lady of Winterfell and Tyrion being the hand of the queen. They debrief themselves about the era of Joffrey which was the last time they saw each other and Tyrion tells her about how smart she was to have survived through these years, also stating that all those who underestimated her were mostly dead.

Tyrion tries to explain to her about the need for the Lannister army, knowing her past with the Lannisters. Sansa all grown now, cuts him short and tells him he is not that smart after all if he really believes that his sister Cersei would let her army march down to the north and fight for them. This scene showed how much Sansa has evolved from the naïve girl we all knew to someone who was actually wise.

We all loved this side of Sansa that we were seeing. She leaves Tyrion standing there in doubt of the unknown because he found a truth in what Sansa just said. He looks down and sees Bran seated on his wheel chair and they just stare into each other’s eyes.


Jon is seen staring at the marked tree as Arya, who was his favourite supposed sister came up from behind and makes a joke about his height. They laugh and run to hug each other with so much joy, as this was the first time they were seeing themselves once again. Jon sees that she still has the tiny sword he gave to her in season 1, the needle. Jon certainly hasn’t seen the side of Arya that we all know so he asks out of curiosity if she has used it before. In humility, she says “once or twice”. I mean, this girl has no name, she is the faceless who took down the Frays but Jon didn’t know all that yet.

He mentions about how much help she could have given him as regards Sansa’s decisions and actions, surprisingly, Arya defends her sister Sansa, and talks about how Sansa is doing everything to protect their family. Jon says they are his family too, they hug again as Arya says “don’t forget that”.

In the next scene, which was in king’s landing. Cersei’s hand tells her a supposed saddening situation about how the wall has fallen and the army of the dead were matching south. Cersei who has always been Cersei replies with a smirk “Good” leaving her hand staring in obvious question of his queen’s sanity considering that this means they were all going to die soon.

We see the iron fleets next as Euron Greyjoy leads the fleet. He goes into his ship and makes mockery of his niece Yara who he had tied up. Yara tells him he made the wrong decision to fight for Cersei, Euron looks unbothered about it and says he would just sail his ships somewhere else if need be, but first he had to sleep with the queen which we all know has been his lifelong dream.

game-of-thrones-season-8--winterfell-Euron Greyjoy leads the fleet

We are shown next where Euron and the captain arrive to Kings Landing and Cersei was taking count of the army and horses they brought back. The captain is excused and Euron again proposes to “talk to the queen in private”. Cersei gives the speech of life saying “if you want a whore, buy one. If you want a queen, earn her”. She stands to leave and Euron talks arrogantly about how much he has given to the queen and hasn’t received any form of affection from her. Jamie already left Kings Landing for the north meaning, she was alone. After a couple of exchange of words, curiously, Cersei allows Euron into her bed.

Isn’t Cersei the queen of mischiefs? I mean, who would have thought this would happen after that women empowerment speech she gave. I do think that Cersei has more in mind by sleeping with Euron other than using the sex as bargaining power. Well, we would find out in the coming episodes.

We see Bronn in the next scene in a sexual state with three young ladies. His “I only work here” tales is cut short by Cersie’s hand coming to him with a crossbow. He urges Bronn to kill Tyrion with this bow as this was the weapon Tyrion used to kill Tywin Lannister who was his and his sister Cersie’s father. Bronn accepts the bow, and in the coming episodes we would find out if he really does care and do what is right and not just work for who pays him more gold.

Well, I really hope Bronn does the right thing and not pick sides anymore. He really does deserve to be chilling by the side of a beach and drink rum with plenty women around.

The next scene has Euron and Cersei as he dresses up after their hooking up. Euron asks her if he pleased her compared to her late husband and even her twin brother Jamie. Cersei speaks of his arrogance and said he did please her and she seemed really okay with how disrespectful Euron was with the utterances he made. Well, we can never be surprised by Cersei anymore. The scene ends as  Euron promises to “put a prince” in Cersei. She looks on with no exact expression as she sips her wine.


We are shown next as Theon comes on board and invades the ship with some men. Theon looks better and has more hair, which seemed like he has regained himself and his honour. They take down the men on the ship and he rescues his sister, Yara. They reconcile, freshen up as Arya takes back her position. She senses that her brother wants to go to Winterfell and fight for the Starks. She gives him her blessings to go as she would keep the Iron Islands safe for their retreat since it’s the only place the dead can’t get to. Personally, I think Theon would die in the battle maybe gloriously, against the dead when they march on Winterfell sometime soon.

Theon did make us proud this scene, by being a man and standing up for his sister and queen.

We are shown in the next scene as Tyrion engage in a worrying discussion with the two other advisers they had. They mention about how adorable Jon and Dany look together and how they make a great couple. The three of them look at Dany and Jon just hanging out in the yard as one of them says, she wouldn’t take love advises from old men like them but the plain truth is that “nothing lasts”.

Jon and Dany are seen talking as she mentions that Sansa doesn’t like her. Jon in a bid to make her feel better says that Sansa didn’t like him either when they were growing up. He is cut short by a worrying and serious faced speech by Dany saying in summary that she really doesn’t care about Sansa liking her, but she has to respect her because she is her queen. Jon just stares in obvious confusion.

Some Dothraki men approach and tell Dany that her two dragons haven’t been eating well. They both leave to see the dragons. They both feel them, the dragons keep their cool as we all know they have a connection with Jon. Dany climbs on one of them and asks Jon to go on and ride the other. He mentions out of fear that he doesn’t know how to ride a dragon. Dany replies that nobody does. He struggles to get on it as she tells him to hold on to anything he can.

Jon Snow gets on the dragon and his kicks off first as he is seen trying to find his balance on the dragon. Dany smiles and follows suit as they rode above the people of Winterfell as they watched in bewilderment as they both rode on top of the dragons.

Jon eventually gets the hang of handling the dragons as he directs the one he was on to a special place he wanted to show to Dany. It’s a waterfall and Dany seemed really pleased by it. She makes a joke about how they could stay here alone for a thousand years and no one would find them. Jon says that it’s pretty cold for a southern cold to stay here, Dany asks him to keep his queen warm. They go into each other’s arms as they kiss with so much love, the dragons make a howling sounds that stops them both and made Dany laugh. She tells him not to be afraid as she continues to kiss him. Jon stares right into the eyes of one of the dragons as the dragon returns the stare.


In the next scene, we see how the hound bullies Gendry who carved a weapon for him out of dragon glass. The hound takes the axe and tried to make a statement about how only cock suckers make weapons for wildlings. Arya comes to Gendry’s defence as she tells the hound to let him be. He stands up and goes to face Arya saying “I heard you were here. You left me to die”. With pride and boldness, Arya replies “I robbed you first”.

Gosh! That moment was so memorable. Arya is so little but is so courageous and confident. They stare into each other’s eyes as he excuses her saying “your bitch attitude is probably the reason you are still alive”.

The hound had to be really proud at that point in time for the woman she had become, because the last time they saw, she was still a little girl who was finding her way.

Gendry and Arya get into it as she appreciates the axe he made for the hound. They both complement each other about how good they looked, Arya sounds serious for business but we can’t deny the fact that Gendry was really staring at her. He calls him my lady, Arya asks him not to call her that which makes them laugh. She asks him to make a special type of sword for her that she drew, he questions why she would need that considering that she already has a sword, but she tells him to make what she wants. He spots her valerian steel knife and talks about how he always knew she was just a little rich girl, she makes a joke about how he doesn’t know other rich girls. She walks away and turns with a flirty look as she smiles out.

In the next scene, Jon walks into the room to talk to Sansa, she tells him about how one of their relied allies has decided to stay on their own and not fight for the Starks. Jon gets angry remembering the promise they made to stand with them and Sansa cuts him saying they pledged loyalty to you, Jon Snow and not to the blond queen. Jon tells Sansa to trust and belief in him, that they need Dany and her army and her dragons if they want to have a chance against the white walkers. He promises that Dany would be a good queen to all of them not like her father the mad king, as he is not interested in who bears whatever title. All he wants is to protect his people. Sansa asks him if he bent the knee because he wants to protect his people or because he loves her.

Well, Jon didn’t answer that but we all know his feelings were secondary. All he truly wants is to defeat the army of the dead. So they can all live. Yes, he may have fallen in love with her but the main reason he bent the knee was to save his people.

In the next scene, Dany and Sir Jorah goes to see Samuel to appreciate him for saving Sir Jorah’s life earlier on. Dany promises to reward Sam with a top position in the citadel when she claims her throne. Sam mentions that he is the son of Sir Tally and that he stole a sword from his father, who Dany had burnt alive alongside his older brother who Sam loves very much. Dany explains to him that there was nothing she could have done, she offered to spare his life and his troops if he bent the knee but he refused.

Samuel cried, it was a very heartbreaking moment. Nobody else should make that sweet boy cry, we all do love him very much. He left Dany and Sir Jorah there as he sobbed away. He goes down and sees Bran sitting down alone outside, he asks him what he is doing there and Bran said he is waiting for an old friend which surprises all of us including Sam because we all know he doesn’t have any friends who are actually alive. Bran then tells Sam to tell Jon about his true parents and who he is because Jon trusts Sam completely.

We see Jon next in the Winterfell crypt where the late Starks are buried and their statues are usually put up. We see Jon lighting up the candles next to Ned Stark’s statue as Sam comes in and trips because he didn’t know his way around the place, Jon helps him up and they hug tightly. They exchange pleasantries and Sam moods changes completely. He asks Jon if he knew that Dany had killed his father and brother, Jon is taken aback and promises that he didn’t know anything about it. Jon tries to defend Dany’s action when Sam asks if he would done it, if it was him. Jon mentions that he had also executed people too and he wasn’t the king. Sam corrects him, telling him he is indeed the king.

Jon gets agitated again and says that he isn’t the king in the North anymore, he bent the knee already to Dany as he walks away. Sam stops him in his tracks as he tells him that he meant the king of the bloody seven kingdoms. Jon stops and walks back to him. Sam mentions that he and Bran had worked it out. Jon asks what he is talking about as Sam said

“Your mother was Liana Stark and you father, your real father was Ragar Targarean. You have never been a bastard, you are Aegon Targaryen, true heir to the Iron throne.” Jon tries to get defensive or evasive of the bomb Sam just dropped on him and says that his supposed father, Ned Stark would never lie to him as he was a very honourable man, then asks Sam if what he is saying is that Ned lied to him all his life. Sam tells him that yes he is indeed a very honourable man but he did that according to his mother’s wishes to protect him. If they let the word out, Robert would have had him killed in a heartbeat. Sam repeats again that he is Aegon Targaryen, the true king, the 6th of his name, protector of the realm.

Jon is still taken aback as he repeats again that Dany is the queen, Sam says that she shouldn’t be. That would be treason if he comes out and says this but Sam counters him telling him that it’s the plain truth. He tells Jon that he gave us his crown to save his people and asks if Dany would do the same if she had to. Well, we all do know the answer, Jon is really a good man.

The next scene was a holy shit moment as the wildlings and the night watch meet again at the Last Hearth. They explain that they came on foot from castle black as they would double up if they were on the horses as they would get to Winterfell before the army of the dead does. This moment involved the person we all weren’t exactly hoping to see, Lord Ned Umber.

The Night King sure did his numbers as he put up a show of art we didn’t exactly know he was interested in. He arranged Ned’s body in a sort of design. He looked dead and certainly wasn’t breathing again as he just stayed there right on the wall. They got into a conversation and they knew that they didn’t have much time on their hands as this was clearly a message from the night king. Just as they were talking, the boy resurrected with a loud screen. It formed a pattern of spiral flames as they struck the boy with a fiery sword, it was definitely a scare for everyone because even they who have fought the night walkers couldn’t place exactly what this was or meant.


We also couldn’t help but realize that the pattern resembled something we had seen earlier which is a Targaryen Sigil that was burning. There was a striking resemblance between them, which then brings up further questions that are quite intriguing. Is there a history behind the Night king and is he in anyway a Targaryen?

I mean, we all know that only Targaryens can ride dragons and we saw him riding one that brought down the Northern wall. If there is one thing we need to give to the show, its how they constantly give us theories and assumptions and leave us to join the dots together till we eventually find out if it’s true or nah… Guess that’s what makes it one hell of a show.

Sir Jamie of house Lannister finally gets to Winterfell and seems really relieved and safe at the very least to be back here. He looks around and finally sets his eyes on Bran Stark who he crippled. That was the peak of this episode as he looked at Bran with disbelief, I didn’t think he expected him to still be alive, but we know Bran was patiently waiting for him to arrive. Bran did look like a badass at this very moment. Sir Jamie looked like he had just seen a ghost. The episode finished in this scene.

In general, this episode titled “Winterfell” was a very solid episode to begin with, in this season finale even though it had so many reunions as expected. Now that the long lost Stark siblings were all reunited and have embraced and hugged each other thoroughly, and even family lineage has been set straight amongst themselves, I think we are all ready for some action filled episodes that would break grounds in the history of television shows. In all honesty, game of thrones can only compete with itself, it’s the greatest of all time.

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